Well+Good is a leading health and wellness media site known for covering healthy living, beauty, fitness, and food related news. We worked with their team to refresh the brand, rethink the way they publish content and create a seamless reading experience from mobile to desktop.

Notable Recognition - Webby Award 2016: Lifestyle

Visual Design - UX Design

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Due to Well+Good's high percentage of mobile traffic, we took a mobile-first approach to design with a focus on discoverability of content, social sharing, and stories that can be read with ease.

To assist with the fast pace of the project, I created an interactive style guide that was handed off at the start of development.

See the Pen WGSG-Alt by Lucas J Ballasy (@LucasJBallasy) on CodePen.

The homepage consists of a series of flexible content modules that can be rearranged in any order to adapt to ever-changing editorial needs.

Article pages were designed to surface related content higher on the page to guide readers to other stories that they may be interested in reading.

Due to the many pathways in which readers enter the site, we designed category and tag pages to feel more like a homepage for each topic rather than a simple listing page.

We built out a robust category dropdown menu to allow Well+Good to showcase new, featured, or sponsored content throughout the site.

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